Announcement for TrainerCentral Learner Mobile App

Announcement for TrainerCentral Learner Mobile App

Hello all,

We’re excited to announce a new version of the TrainerCentral Learner mobile app. With this app, bridging the gap between you and your learners has never been more effortless. The app is now available for both Android and iPhone users, allowing your learners to access their courses and live sessions right from the palm of their hands.

Now your learners can embrace mobile learning and conveniently access their favorite course content even while they’re away from their desktops or laptops. While the previous version of the app only provided access to live sessions, the latest version of the app will unlock access to on-demand courses and other features, empowering your learners with greater flexibility and convenience.

Enrolling in academies and courses is now effortless. Your learners can simply enter your academy URL, enroll in it, and browse through the available courses. 

Let's dive in and explore the features of the app.

Access to materials

Easy access to reference materials and handouts gives your learners profound knowledge in their subject.

Assignment submissions

Assignments can be submitted in multiple formats by your learners anytime, from anywhere.

Take tests on the go

Your learners now have the convenience of taking their tests while they’re on the move.

Track course progress

Your learners can track their course progress, which will motivate them to advance faster and complete their courses. When the trainer issues the course certificate to learners after they’ve met all of the requirements, they can download and save it on their mobile device for convenient access.

Participate in live sessions

Interactive virtual sessions will enhance your learners' learning experience. Features such as screen sharing and breakout rooms foster a collaborative environment, encouraging active involvement with trainers and peers. Additionally, polls and quizzes during the live session will make them more interesting.

Wrapping up

This mobile app will attract more new learners to your academy, increasing your academy's visibility and reach. Share app links with your learners to embrace mobile learning.