TrainerCentral's October 2023 updates and roadmap

TrainerCentral's October 2023 updates and roadmap

Hello all!

We're thrilled to introduce a host of dynamic enhancements designed to elevate TrainerCentral's capabilities and user-friendliness.

Our commitment to delivering a top-notch learning experience remains unwavering, and these improvements are tailored to ensure your success.

Thank you for choosing TrainerCentral for your online training needs.

New features

1. Latest version of TrainerCentral Learner app

With our earlier version of the app, learners were able to attend just the live sessions of your academy. The latest version allows them to access on-demand course content, update their profiles, submit assignments, take tests, engage in interactive live sessions, and even download certificates.

2. Enhanced certificate editor

Our certificate editor now offers a more flexible design experience. You can effortlessly drag and drop images, text, and other elements, anywhere on the editable portion of the certificate, allowing you to create visually stunning learner certificates.

3. Library for certificates

With TrainerCentral's new certificate library, you can design and store templates for your certificate templates with ease. The designed certificate template can then be mapped to courses directly from the library.

4. Certificate verification page

Learners can now proudly display their certificates on LinkedIn and other social platforms. The authenticity of these certificates can be verified through a dedicated verification webpage. We've also added QR code functionality, enabling easy access to the verification page.

5. Custom payment gateways

If your preferred payment gateway isn't listed, don't worry. You can seamlessly integrate your own custom payment gateway with your academy to receive payments directly.

6. PayPal integration

TrainerCentral now supports PayPal, making online transactions secure and hassle-free. We offer support for various gateways, including PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, Paytm, CSG Forte, and

Upcoming features

Please note that although these features are currently a work in progress, we cannot guarantee an estimated time of arrival.

1. Offline Payments Support

Admins of an academy can record a purchase as 'paid offline' while inviting new or existing learners to courses/live workshops.

For learners having trouble making online payments, trainers can collect payments anywhere and record their transactions as paid.

With this, admins/trainers can track and record payments that occurred outside of TrainerCentral.

2. Video lesson settings

These are the upcoming enhancements for video-type materials that will be beneficial for both trainers and learners.

For trainers:
  • Trainers can add any image as thumbnails for their course videos. This will help them maintain a consistent template for all the videos.

  • With this enhancement, trainers can add multi-language subtitles to the course video, improving course accessibility for foreign learners.

  • Trainers can also split their course videos into chapters using timestamps. This will be helpful for learners to navigate through the videos easily.

 For learners:

  • Learners can control the video playback speed. This will help them control the pace of the video for better understanding.

Learners can change the video resolution, adjusting it based on their network speed and availability.

3. New scheduling options in live workshops

We are working on advanced scheduling options in live workshops. With this, trainers can schedule recurring sessions with different combinations in weekly and monthly cycles.


Trainers can schedule sessions not only every week but can also select the days on which these sessions repeat.

For example, "Mon, Tue, Wed at 6 pm & Sat, Sun at 8 pm." The start time and duration can also be customized for each selected day.


Sessions can be repeated monthly on a selected day or date.

For example, "On the first Sunday of every month."


For more details about our new feature releases and enhancements, visit our What's new page. Stay tuned in our forum for more updates. For assistance, please contact or visit our website.


Thank you for being a part of TrainerCentral's journey towards better online learning!