Drip Schedule content

Drip Schedule content

A drip schedule helps you release your course's lessons to your students at a preferred frequency over time. Drip scheduling allows you to easily set when each chapter should be released based on a specific date or based on the student's enrollment date. This way, it allows you to control when your students have access to your course content or limit the amount of lessons that can be viewed in a certain period.


Let's say you wish to release the second lesson of your course to your students six days after their first day of enrollment, or you wish your students to complete only one chapter per week. This type of customizing and controlling the pace of your student's learning curve can be achieved by applying a Drip Schedule to your course.


Note: Drip Schedule pricing details


You can choose your preferred mode of drip scheduling and apply it to all students enrolled in that course. There are two ways in which you can customize your Drip in TC:

  1. Student enrollment date

  2. On a specific date (e.g., calendar date)


Drip schedule based on student's enrollment date 


In this mode, your drip schedule is based on when your student enrolls for your course. The day specified here will be calculated from the student's day of enrollment.


  1. Click on the specific course for which you want configure drip scheduling and select Drip in the top menu.


  1. You can choose the mode of release as "Days after enrollment" if you wish to release your course chapter a specific number of days after a student enrolls.



Drip based on a specific date 


In this mode, your drip schedule is based on a specific date  chosen for the release of the course. The specified lesson will be released on that particular date as set.



Cancel Drip schedule  


You can cancel any set drip schedule and grant full access to all your students by clicking Cancel Drip in the top-left corner.



Once a student is granted full access to your course, they will be able to view all of the course's content and will stop receiving drip email announcements.


 Student View for unreleased lesson 

Whenever youconfigure a Drip Schedule for your course, your learners will be able to view only the lessons that have been released to them. If they try to access a lesson that is yet to be released, they will see a message prompt informing them when the chapter will be made available for them.


 Frequently Asked Questions 


 How do I test or preview my drip schedule? 


Right now, TrainerCentral does not offer any workaround to test how your configured Drip Schedule works. However, you can  create a test student profile and log in to test your drip schedule.


 What time will drip content be released to the student?   


If the chapter is set to be released "1 day after enrollment," then the lesson will be released 24 hours after your student enrolled for the course.


If the chapter is set to be released according to a specific date, then the lesson will be released at 12 a.m. UTC on that date.


Note: TrainerCentral's calendar displays date and time according to UTC.


 What happens if I change the drip schedule during the middle of a course with students already enrolled? 


The changes that you make in your drip schedule will be immediately applied to your course and will be fully functional for your current and prospective students.

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