Session settings

Session settings

TrainerCentral offers you the flexibility to customize your live sessions using various settings. This allows you to efficiently manage your live session before, during, or after its launch.

To access the settings options:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab after you create a session.

  1. Select the General tab.


You can enable or disable the following features.

Before Session

Allow attendees to access the session after they sign in to your academy

Enabling this option will ensure that only signed-in learners can access your live session. This lets you restrict access to the session to the learners enrolled in your academy and course.

Restrict the number of people registering for the session

You can restrict the number of people registering for your session by enabling this check box. Enter the number of registrants you want to allow for your session.

Restrict the number of people attending the session

Restrict the number of people attending your session by enabling this option. You can simply enter the number of attendees you want for your session.

During live session 

Allow attendees to raise questions that will be visible only to trainers

If you want only you and your trainers to view the attendee's question, you can enable this option. 

Enable chat rooms for all attendees

This will open a public chat room, where attendees can chat with trainers and other attendees. This option will be checked by default. You can disable this option to restrict the public chat.

Restrict attendees to navigate the presentation slides

When you are showcasing presentation slides in the session, attendees will have access to navigate through the slides from their devices. Enabling this option will restrict them from navigating the slides, so they will only be able to view the slides that you are presenting.

Allow attendees to raise questions

This option lets the attendees raise the questions to trainers. This option will be checked by default. You can disable this option to restrict them from raising the questions. 

Add a virtual waiting room

A waiting room allows you to control attendees' access to a session. If you select this option, you can hold attendees in a waiting room before admitting them to the session. As a trainer, you can allow everyone in at once, or individually. 

Start recording automatically when the session starts

By checking this option, you can record your live session automatically once you start broadcasting. It can be saved in the Recording Library. If you wish to only record certain segments of the session, you can disable this option and manually start recording once the session begins. 

Disable reactions for attendees

If you would like to have a more focused session with no distractions, you can enable this option. Upon enabling, the reactions icon will not be visible to the attendees. 

Enable microphone for all attendees

During the session, attendees may request microphone and camera access. It is a daunting task for you to grant them access individually.


By checking this option, you can enable microphone access for all attendees simultaneously. 

Enable camera for all attendees

You can check this option to enable camera access for all attendees simultaneously. 

Display active session attendees/trainers in the video layout

Enabling this setting will display the active attendees and trainers in the video layout. The active attendees/trainers are the ones who are engaged with the session. Inactive attendees and trainers will not be displayed in the video layout. 

After Session 

Display a customized survey to all attendees after the session

After the session, you can choose to display a customized survey to collect feedback from attendees. This option will be checked by default. You can disable this setting if you wish not to display the survey.

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