Upload session content

Upload session content

TrainerCentral allows you to add multiple materials for your live trainings and you can have any number of pdf or videos added to a single training session. You can upload a presentation, pdf and video files from your computer, pick files from your Zoho Workdrive account or import one from your Presentation library. 

Kindly note that you'll be able to upload only one Presentation file per training session. However, there's no limit on the number of pdf, video files that can be uploaded in a session. 

File size constraints for the uploaded content:

Size limits:
videoFormats: 2GB,
presentationFormats: 500MB,
pdfFormats: 250MB,
docFormats: 50MB
Supported Formats: 
presentationFormats: ".ppt,.pptx,.pdf,.zslides",

Add Polls to your session

Select Polls to create a new poll or import one from your poll library.

Add Test

Tests help with in-lesson assessment of your students and helps gauge the level of learning that your students are in.


To add a test:


  1. Click on Add Test and add the name and the preferred guidelines (if any for your students to keep in mind when taking the test).

  1. Choose the type of question that you wish to add and kindly ensure that you choose the right answer and the appropriate weightage for the question so that we can grade the results correctly.


Test Settings

TrainerCentral offers various settings that you can configure for your test giving you complete control over how your learners are evaluated and graded. There are various settings like

1. Set passing percentage: Only after the learner scores above the passing percentage will they be allowed to successfully complete the test.

2. Show answer results after test completion: The right answers for your test questions will be displayed to your learners once they complete the test.

3. Shuffle test questions: Once a test is configured/uploaded with a specific set of questions and answer choices, TrainerCentral will shuffle the questions and answers when displayed to your learners. Also you can choose the number of questions to be shown to your learner after being shuffled. For example, if you have uploaded 100 questions using the Test upload option, you can choose to display any 10 questions to your learners.




Increase content retention by sharing handouts for your training. You can upload videos and documents from your computer, choose from TraineCentral's library, or add a file link. 

Once a handout is added, make it available in one of three ways: 

1. Once trainee registers: As soon as the trainee registers for your session, these handouts will be available on the registration page. Please enable registration for this session. 

2. Once session begins: The handouts will be available under the Handouts tab once the training begins. 

3. Once session ends: The handout will be attached to the 'Thank you' email that is sent after the session ends. 

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