Make your tests more efficient by incorporating a timer

Make your tests more efficient by incorporating a timer

Hello everyone! We're back with another tip to help you manage your tests effectively. Our newly added feature allows you to set the duration of your tests.

A timer is a specialized clock that indicates the duration of the test. You can embed the timer into your learners’ screens, allowing them to take their tests more efficiently.

How do you set the test duration? 

To set the duration for your test, navigate to Test settings and click Set test duration and enter the hours and minutes for your test. To learn more about the test feature, please refer to this help article.

The benefits of having a timer in your tests

It creates a sense of seriousness: Time-bound things are precious. A timer in the online test creates a sense of seriousness for your learners so they’ll be focused and committed, and will avoid any distractions.

Learners will learn time management: The timer will help them manage their time efficiently. This will help them plan their approach to the test and prioritize how they answer the questions.

It improves test security: The limited timeframe prevents learners from referring to outside materials or engaging in cheating activities.

It provides equal time for all learners: Providing equal time for all learners to complete the test will ensure a fair evaluation of their competence.

Learners will feel a sense of accomplishment: After completing the test within the required timeframe, learners will be confident about their competency in the subject, which could help them learn more about it.

Tips to make your tests more productive 
  1. You can add some mock tests with the timer so that learners are mentally prepared before you administer the real tests.
  2. You can scale your questions up or down based on your learners' performance.
  3. You can train your learners to think and act fast by ranking the questions from the easiest to the most difficult within a limited timeframe.
Setting up a timer in your tests will make your online tests more effective, efficient, and equal for all learners.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. To view our previous articles in the Tips and Tricks series, you can find them here.

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