Sales Report

Sales Report

Do you spend a lot of time manually tracking and calculating your academy's revenue?

Wouldn't it be simpler and save more time if you could generate a detailed report on each learner's purchases in a single click? Here's some good news for you. We’ve rolled out a new feature, called Sales Report, to give you a detailed report on the revenue generated by your products (courses/bundles/live workshops).


View Sales Report 

The Sales Report gives you a detailed report on each learner's purchase. The purchase history of all the products a learner has bought will be listed here. You can get insights into the number of learners who’ve purchased products in your academy, the revenue generated, the type of tickets purchased, and their active tickets. From this report, you can even sort learners according to the amount they’ve spent on your academy.

The Sales Report helps you to get minute details of the learner's record. You can check their last billing date, next billing date, product's expiration date (if any), remaining renewals, and product status.

View Transaction History  

With Transaction History, you’ll know the total transactions that have happened in the academy on a particular date.


Under Transactions, you can view the product price, any coupons applied to the product, and the tax levied on the product. Admins can even download or view the invoices of their learners. Additional details, such as payment gateway, mode of transactions, and gateway charges, will also be shown.


In short, the Sales Report provides you with the overall purchase and revenue from the learners and the total transaction history in the academy. To learn more about the Sales Report, please refer to our help article.


Note: You can view the sales report and transaction details for tickets purchased on or after January 2, 2023. For tickets purchased before then, we'll generate the sales details soon. Please contact our support at for any queries.