Spotlight #7: Personalized certificates to accredit learner efforts

Spotlight #7: Personalized certificates to accredit learner efforts

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Today, we’re excited to showcase an important feature of TrainerCentral: the Certificate Editor. This online e-certificate editor is designed to help trainers like you create personalized certificates for your learners upon course completion.


With a range of customizations and a user-friendly interface, the Certificate Editor makes it easy for trainers to create custom certificates with ease. It adds a professional touch to the learning journey, boosting motivation and creating a sense of pride among learners.


To access TrainerCentral's Certificate Editor:

  1. Select the course. 

  1. Go to the Settings tab and click on the Certificate tab.

  1. Click the edit button to open the certificate editor window. 

Let's delve into the features that make the Certificate Editor a powerful tool for trainers:


Elements: The elements feature is used to add text-rich content to your certificates. You can customize font style, colors, and sizes.  


Fields: Personalization is key when it comes to certificates. The Certificate Editor allows you to insert dynamic tags to add field information, such as the learner's name, course completion date, and instructor's name. This allows each certificate to be customized automatically, saving you time and effort while maintaining a personalized touch.


Images: Add images, such as your logo, to your certificates from your photo gallery or local storage. You can drag and position the images in the certificate layout as needed.


Background: The Certificate Editor offers a diverse collection of professionally designed backgrounds to choose from. You can select the background that best aligns with your training program and represents your brand.


Validation : A unique Credential ID is auto-generated for learner certificates to ensure authenticity, when shared across social platforms like LinkedIn. 


You can click on the Preview button at the right top to view the certificate design.


After designing the certificate, you can select the checkbox Issue completion certificate. The learners will receive this e-certificate once they complete 100% of the course.


Start using the Certificate Editor in TrainerCentral today, and elevate your training programs with personalized and visually appealing e-certificates. Your learners will appreciate the recognition, and you'll witness the positive impact it has on their learning experience.

To learn more about the Certificate Editor, click here.

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