Spotlight #1- Boost your academy's brand with custom domains in TrainerCentral

Spotlight #1- Boost your academy's brand with custom domains in TrainerCentral

When your prospects hear about or interact with your academy for the first time, their first point of contact is usually your academy's URL. The academy URL is the link that shows up on search engines, and it's also the link learners would visit to enroll and access your courses, participate in live workshops, and much more.

While it may not seem like a large part of running your educational business, this URL is tied directly to your brand. A custom domain name allows you to strengthen brand recognition for your academy while also making it easier for prospects to find and sign up for your courses. Welcome to our first post under the Spotlight Series focusing on how the custom domain boosts your brand!

Features of a great custom domain name

Because your academy URL offers the first impression of your training organization to the outside world, it's highly important that this domain name:
  • Matches your brand.
  • Conveys your organizational vision, and ideally,
  • Specifies your subject matter expertise to the learning community.
As soon as you create your academy in TrainerCentral, we let you host it on a default domain so that it's visible in the market immediately. But you also have the option to customize this URL so that it better matches your branding and academy positioning in the e-learning market.

How to set your custom domain name in TrainerCentral

1. Once you log in to your academy, navigate to the Domain tab under the Site menu and click on Add Custom Domain.

2. You can add your domain here and configure the CNAME and SSL settings. Checkout our detailed help guide if you face any issues with the domain service provider configurations.

3. Once the SSL is processed, your academy is now hosted on your preferred domain!
A custom domain offers better discoverability, increased trust among your customers, and clearer pathways for brand promotion. We hope this feature helps the right audience reach your academy faster. Cheers!