Manage your content library - Course Materials

Manage your library - Course Material

The TrainerCentral Library is a collection of all course materials, session recordings, and polls that you've created and used in your school so far. From the Materials section, you can view and edit your materials, upload materials from your computer, or create new ones from scratch.

View the Materials Library:  


The Materials Library consists of all the files you have created, uploaded, and delivered with.


To view the Materials library:

  1. Click the Library icon in the left-hand panel.

  2. Select the Materials tab.


Upload a material:


You can upload files that you've stored locally on your computer into the TrainerCentral cloud. TrainerCentral supports the following file formats and sizes in the library. 

  • Videos - 2GB

  • Presentations - 500MB

  • PDFs - 250MB

  • Documents - 50MB

  • Audio files - 500MB 

  • Spreadsheets - 50MB

  • Zip files - 1 GB​

How to upload a material

  1. Click the Library icon in the left-hand panel.

  2. Select the Materials tab.

  3. Click Upload at the top-right corner.


Preview, delete or download a material from the library:


You can preview, delete or download the uploaded material using the tools present to the right of the uploaded material. 




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