Lesson settings

Lesson settings

TrainerCentral offers multiple options to  customize every lesson you add to your course. These settings help you offer rich content, guide a students' learning pace, and more.

1. Offer a lesson as free preview

This allows leads and prospects to view a particular lesson without purchasing the course. This helps them to know about your course/lesson better before they decide to purchase it. To view a free preview lesson, a prospect has to enroll to your academy after which they can watch the lesson. You can view a list of leads who've viewed a free preview lesson in the Course Reports section. 


Note: This feature is only available to users who've purchased TrainerCentral's Professional Plan. 

2. Make a lesson downloadable

This  allows your students to download all content material added to this lesson. If left unchecked, they will not be able to download the PDFs, videos or any other learning material associated with this lesson. 


3. Make this lesson pre-requisite

Making a lesson a pre-requisite makes it mandatory for your students to finish that particular lesson before proceeding to the next one. If they try to begin subsequent lessons without finishing the pre-requisite one, they will get a error message on their screen denying them access. 


4. Set lesson to draft 

When "set lesson to draft" is enabled, that lesson will not yet be published to external users as part of your course. Lessons set in draft are considered to be in the works and are not be available for public access. 


5. Allow discussion in lesson

TrainerCentral offers a discussion forum for each lesson enabling your students to post questions, discuss concepts, and brainstorm with trainers and fellow learners. Disabling this checkbox disables the discussion forum for that particular lesson. 


You can also add various types of lesson content to your lesson, learn more
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