Course Settings

Course Settings

This help article will show you how to adjust settings to customize your courses to make them featured, private, or hidden and more. 

Any course you have chosen to be featured will be displayed in the Featured Course section under the school landing page.



If this option is enabled, a thumbnail image of each course will appear, along with the title, author, and price of the course.

Course Compliance Settings

Mandate  Lesson Order   

When you mandate a certain lesson order for your course, students will be required to progress through lessons as they appear in the course curriculum.They can sequentially move on to the subsequent lessons when they mark their course progress by clicking the Complete and Continue button at the end of each lesson.


If you've set a required order for your course lessons, your students will see a "Lesson Locked" message if they try to access lessons out of order. 


To mandate lesson order  

1. Click on the course for which you wish to mandate lesson order and navigate to the Settings tab.



2. Click the checkbox to set the order of your lessons.


What happens when I add a new lesson?   

If you add a lesson to a section one or more of your students already completed, they will be required to complete this newly added lesson before proceeding to other chapters/lessons.   

What happens to the course certificate when I add a new lesson after mandating lesson order?  

If a new lesson is added to a course that a student has already completed, then their course completion certificate and/or course completion percentage will not be affected.

Exclude live lessons from mandated lesson order 

When enabled, it is not mandatory for learners to attend live lessons to proceed to further lessons. Irrespective of whether they attend a live lesson or not, they will be allowed to access the next following lesson in the course curriculum without any restrictions. 

Enforce lesson completion based on percentage

TrainerCentral gives you analytics on the each course material accessed and how engaged your learner has been with lesson content. Based on this lesson completion percentage (For example, a learner Mark has accessed 70% of lesson Thermodynamics's content), you can enforce lesson completion based on these parameters. 


For example, only when a learner views/completes 60% of a particular lesson's materials will they be allowed to access the subsequent lessons. 


Enforce lesson completion based on test grades  

You can enable this checkbox to enforce lesson completion based on a learner's test grades. Only when a learner aces the test with the specified minimum grade will they be allowed to proceed to subsequent lessons. 


Exclude live lessons from course completion metrics  

When calculating the course completion percentage and other performance based metrics, live lessons will not be considered as a parameter in computing the learning progress of a student. 

Course Access

Private Course 

A private course is a course your students can see on your school page but cannot enroll in directly. They can see the course webpage, check out all the specifications and takeaways of the course, but cannot pay for or enroll in the course until  you grant them access. If interested in a private course, your students can email you and request to enroll. Private courses enable you to release courses to a specific audience or even market the course before its official release. 


Courses set to "Private" will still have thumbnails showcasing the course details on your site so that any visitors can view them from the school landing page. However, the course won't offer the usual "Buy" or "Enroll" button. Instead the visitor will see a message encouraging them to email you and request access.


By default, this message will display "Interested in this course? Email us to request access at" The email displayed will be your support email, which you can set up in your site settings. 

At the moment, private courses do not support the option of a free preview.

Hidden Course   

A hidden course can be accessed only by the course URL. These hidden courses are not displayed anywhere on your school's landing pages or in your list of available courses, and they will also not be indexed by search engines.


Hidden courses are the best way to control your course's information and content by enabling you to share the course with a specific audience.

Private Courses vs. Hidden Courses    

Private Courses
Hidden Courses
 Your course can be accessed on your school's landing page and other marketed platforms.
Your course can be accessed only with a direct link. 
 Students cannot enroll in or purchase your course independently, and you'll have to enroll them manually.
Once they access the direct link, students can enroll in or purchase the course themselves.
Your course, its landing pages, and public information is indexed by search engines.
Your course, its landing pages, and public information is not indexed by search engines.

If this option is enabled, a thumbnail image of each course will appear, along with the title, author, and price of the course.


Set estimated course duration
You can set the estimated course duration for your courses. It will be displayed on the course landing page and across all course and sales widgets. By giving an estimated time frame of the course, learners will have a better understanding of the course duration.


Enable course ratings and reviews

Enable this feature to display course ratings and reviews form as soon as the learner completes the course. This option will be checked by default. You can disable this option if you wish not to display the feedback form.

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